Discovering the Wineries of Ontario, Part 1: Windsor-Essex

Valerie Howes, VIA Rail Blog | August 11, 2016

Recently, food and travel writer Valerie Howes took the southwest-bound train to visit Windsor Essex for VIA Rail’s travel blog.  Click here to read more about her visit as she takes off on a cycling tour of our vibrant EPIC Wine Country. 

Most people know Windsor-Essex, Ontario, as a place where cars are made, but it’s also one of Canada’s three largest wine-making regions. Grapes love this warm and sunny part of the world—and birds do too; thousands pause here to rest their wings on long migration journeys. As a food and travel writer—and a big nature lover—I’m keen to explore this wine country at Canada’s most southern point, so I hop on the train from Toronto to Windsor for a weekend getaway.


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