Fishing in Windsor Essex: A Fun Way to Help Your Health

Ben Team | November 3, 2017

Do you need more reasons to hang up that “gone fishing” sign? Outdoor Empire is here to help you find a few more reasons to indulge in the healthy sport of fishing. 

Whether you are traveling to Windsor, Essex or Pelee Island on your upcoming vacation, one thing’s for sure: You’ll certainly have plenty of things to do. From nightlife, to shopping to cultural activities, southern Ontario is bursting with fun opportunities.

However, many visitors fail to appreciate the fishing opportunities that the area provides. But in point of fact, Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River – all readily accessible from southern Ontario – all provide some of the best fishing in the region.

But fishing isn’t just a fun way to spend the day – it is actually good for your health too. Read on to learn about five of the ways fishing helps to keep your body and mind feeling great.

1. Fishing gives your lungs a much-needed break.

No matter what part of the Great Lakes region you call home, chances are, you are surrounded by dirty, polluted air. This air can take a serious toll on your lungs and lead to respiratory illnesses. However, you can help your lungs feel a little better and heal by visiting a pristine, natural habitat, such as Point Pelee National Park, for a day of fishing.

2. Fish is a healthy food source.

While most anglers release the fish they catch, you may want to consider keeping one or two and bringing them back home for dinner. Fish is a healthy, lean protein source, and many cold-water species – including salmon and lake trout, which are occasionally caught in Lake Erie, the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair – are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These acids help to promote proper brain function and help reduce inflammation.

3. Fishing helps boost your mood.

Spending the day fishing can help boost just about anyone’s mood (particularly if the fish are biting), but if you do so while the sun is shining, you’ll enjoy additional benefits as well. Exposure to natural, unfiltered sunlight helps encourage the brain to produce serotonin, which will elevate your mood. This can be especially helpful during the long, cold and dreary winter, so consider ice fishing (Lake St. Clair is a great spot to do so) to help ward off the winter blues.

4. Fishing helps reduce your blood pressure.

High blood pressure can cause heart attacks, strokes, organ damage and other health problems, so it must be treated aggressively. Medications will help reduce your blood pressure, but lifestyle changes can also provide a substantial reduction in blood pressure too. The key is to visit places that are surrounded by greenspaces, as these are an effective trigger for reducing the pressure in your arteries and veins. Fishing gives you a great excuse to check out some of southern Ontario’s pristine wilderness areas, such as River Canard.

5. Fishing helps burn calories.

Many people struggle to get enough exercise, in part because most types of exercise are rather boring. But fishing is a fun way to spend a few hours, and you’ll actually burn calories while you do so. Do your best to maximize the number of calories burned by standing up while you fish, rather than sitting in a chair, waiting for bites. And if you are fishing for exercise, you may as well try to catch a muskie or two – you’ll certainly burn a number of calories battling one of these giants back to the boat.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to go fishing on your next Windsor Essex vacation. But the reasons detailed above only represent the tip of the iceberg – fishing helps promote good health in a number of other ways too. If you’d like to learn more about the ways fishing helps your mind and body remain healthy, check out Outdoor Empire’s comprehensive review of the subject. There, you’ll not only learn more about the benefits explained above, you’ll also learn about a number of other benefits that fishing provides.

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