Must Consume: Go to Windsor, Have Amazingly Delicious Pizza

Michelle Sponagle, Billy | Sep 2, 2016

Our region was recently featured in Billy (a travel magazine published by Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport). Writer Michelle Sponagle spent a weekend in Windsor conducting extensive research on why Windsor pizza inspires so many die-hard devotees.  Click here to read more about her story. 

A half-century of excellence and local touches like shredded pepperoni make Windsor an unlikely, but rewarding, destination for pizza lovers.

Windsor may have the best pizza in Canada. Based on Billy’s research (which involved me eating more of the stuff in three days than I had in the previous three years), it has some of the most stellar examples in North America.

For anyone who may doubt it, the city is enjoying a newfound reputation for having some of the most stellar slices around. It even has its own distinct style. As Kevin Kalaydijan, co-owner at the original location of Capri Pizza explains, a Windsor-style pizza crust strikes a balance between thin (like New York’s) and thick (like Chicago’s), and there are unique approaches to toppings, notably shredded pepperoni.

Windsor-style pizza was good enough to win over judges at the 2014 International Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas where local outfits competed against makers from Italy, Australia and United States. Windsor’s Armando’s placed in the top three in two categories (traditional pizza and gluten-free). The accolades marked the beginning of what locals always known: Windsor’s pizzas are the best.

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333 Riverside Drive West, Suite 103
Windsor, Ontario N9A 7C5
Toll Free: 1.800.265.3633