Must-See and Do Experiences in Windsor Essex

Lionel Kernerman | July 27, 2017

Looking for ideas on things to do and see while you are visiting Windsor Essex? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re thrilled to share (in no particular order) some of our favourite must-see and do experiences that await you on your next visit. 

Point Pelee National Park
A natural treasure drawing 300,000 visitors each year, Point Pelee National Park offers endless stretches of beach, lush wild forests and meandering marshlands.  Bring your birding binoculars, enjoy a picnic, paddle a canoe or kayak, hop on a bike or hit the hiking trails.  However you choose to explore Canada’s southernmost National Park, you won’t be disappointed.  READ MORE

Pelee Island
Caressed by the gentle blue waters of Lake Erie, Pelee Island is an oasis beckoning with its calm and natural splendor.  Take a relaxing ferry ride to this gem of an island and spend the day, weekend or longer.  Let life’s daily pressures fade away as you bask in the golden sunshine and cool lake breezes of Canada’s southernmost point.  Hike, bike, swim, tour the winery, or dine and stay at one of the island’s charming bed and breakfasts.  Once you visit, chances are you’ll find yourself returning again and again. READ MORE

Caesars Windsor
No trip here would be complete without a stop at Caesars Windsor.  As Canada’s largest internationally branded casino and entertainment resort, world-class gaming excitement is always a sure bet here. READ MORE

Wine Country
If winemaking is an art, this is where inspiration, creativity and craftsmanship come together in perfect balance.  Situated more southerly than the famed Bordeaux and Burgundy regions of France, our Essex Pelee Island Coast (EPIC) Wine Country boasts the ideal climate, soil and sun conditions for growing lusciously flavorful grapes.  From their vineyards, our region’s wineries – close to 20 at last count – are masterfully creating award-winning wines that’ll leave you smiling after every sip. To enhance your visit, we invite you to purchase a Passport to EPIC Wine Country, which contains over $100 in savings and benefits. READ MORE

100 Mile Peninsula Coastline
When we say we’re “the shore with more,” we’re not exaggerating.  As a peninsula surrounded by Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River, our region offers mile after mile of picturesque uninterrupted shoreline.  Whether you choose to explore it by car, boat, bike or motorcycle, you’ll find yourself in awe of the waterways, scenic routes and riverfront paths that make up our seemingly endless coastal landscape. Check out our watersports for more ways to make a splash! READ MORE

Festivals and Events
If there’s something worth celebrating, chances are we have a festival or special event dedicated to it.  Around here, you’ll find that our “festival season” never really ends.  From arts to antiques, books to blues, and film to food, our region is hot to dozens of popular festivals, fairs and events throughout the year. READ MORE

Freedom & Ingenuity
Throughout our region, you’ll find the enduring legacy of our rich heritage and evidence of our defining role in history.  As the final destination of the Underground Railroad, we helped thousands of escaping slaves reach freedom.  During the War of 1812, decisive and epic battles were fought along our shores. And through our forebears’ innovative spirit and hard work, Windsor became the birthplace of the automotive industry in Canada.  Explore the landmarks and attractions celebrating these and many more historic sites. READ MORE

Barrels, Bottles & Brews
Barrels Bottles & Brews are booming again in Windsor Essex! As the birthplace of whisky in Canada, the tradition continues today with a new generation of craft brewers and distillers. Visit one of the stops along the Barrels Bottles & Brews Trail where you can experience the history of Canadian Whisky and enjoy a flight of craft beer or small batch-ultra premium spirits. READ MORE

Culinary Delight – Grown Right Here
What makes a great dining experience?  Sure, the service and atmosphere have to be just right.  But what really makes a meal an unforgettable pleasure is the food.  In Windsor Essex Pelee Island, it all begins with the freshest ingredients.  Here, you’ll find a bounty of culinary delights created with locally grown produce harvested at the peak of perfection, as well as regionally-produced meats, cheeses, grains and, of course, wine.  So, bring your appetite and we’ll bring everything you need to satisfy it. READ MORE

Birding Hotspot
This place is for the birds!  And we wouldn’t want it any other way.  With over 370 species of birds, our region is one of the best birding “hot spots” in North America.  From the marshes and ponds to the lakes and rivers, thousands of visitors flock to our neck of the woods to bask in the sights, sounds and simple wonders of nature taking flight. The unique geographical properties of the Windsor-Essex area act as a funnel for the hundreds of thousands of migratory birds on the move each spring — and equally as remarkable — the fall. READ MORE

We could keep going, but you get the idea. Keep exploring for plenty of reasons why you’ll love this place as much as we do!

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