Next Stop: Taste … From Windsor to Kingsville

Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation | Sep 21, 2016

The latest installment of Ontario’s Southwest’s Next Stop: Taste tours covered Windsor to Kingsville. It was all about tasting the legacy of a distillery town, a Chopped Canada contestant’s take on B&B dining, local lamb burger love and a winery that’s about the people as much as the pour. Get more trip inspirations on Ontario’s Southwest’s blog

Ask the food, beer and wine producers of Windsor-Essex region how their area has earned a reputation as one of Ontario’s newest culinary destinations and the answer may surprise you. While the food and drink produced here obviously play a central role, the bonds, connections and partnerships between the businesses here are just as important. From the passionate local who leads out-of-towners on walking tours to his city’s beer, spirit and food hotspots, to the B&B owner who sends his guests to his favourite winery and the winery owner who sends them to her favourite fruit stand, everyone here is working together to spread the word about all the delicious things happening.


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