Big Creek Conservation Area

Only 6 kilometres from Holiday Beach Conservation Area and draining into Lake Erie, Big Creek is located at the western tip of Lake Erie.

Cedar Creek Conservation Area

The Cedar Creek basin is probably the most significant, most extensive, and most beautiful natural area in the Essex Region. Contributing to the beauty of this area are the Carolinian woodlands, rolling…

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay Crystal Bay is situated in the Detroit River adjacent to Amherstburg. The strong river current forks around its northern end, leaving a quiet and sheltered lagoon in the center. Wildlife seen in the area includes mallards, kingfishers, blue…

Essex Region Conservation Authority

19 Conservation Areas, including Holiday Beach, John R. Park Homestead, Hillman Marsh and the Chrysler Canada Greenway. Camping, beaches, world-class birding, hiking, cycling and canoeing are only a few of the things to experience.

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area

With 5 kilometers of trails around this precious marshland habitat, Hillman Marsh draws wildlife and people from both near and far. The nature centre is open at limited times during the spring with excellent educational displays.

Holiday Beach Conservation Area

This Conservation Area is renowned for its birding. Each fall, a spectacular migration of thousands of hawks, vultures, eagles, falcons and other birds of prey concentrate in the area before heading across the Detroit River towards warmer, more southerly…

Jack Miner Logo

Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary

Upon the death of Jack Miner in 1944, Canada had the desire to create a perpetual memorial to honour him for his pioneer work in wildlife conservation…

Lighthouse Point Provincial Nature Reserve

Lighthouse Point Provincial Nature Reserve Named for the lighthouse originally built in 1833 that stands at the tip of the spit, Lighthouse Point boasts a number of nature trails ideal for wildlife viewing and photography. The lighthouse itself is the…

Ojibway Nature Centre and Parks System

Ojibway Nature Centre and Parks System A total of 247 species have been recorded in the Ojibway Prairie Complex on the southwest corner of Windsor. Your destination for wildlife and nature, offering you over 15 km of woodland and prairie hiking…

Point Pelee National Park

Situated at the southern extreme of mainland Canada, Point Pelee National Park is a tiny sanctuary supporting a mosaic of habitats from jungle-like forest to lush wetlands to open savannah.


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