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Banded Goose Brewing Company

Banded Goose Brewing Co. is the brewing ‘wing’ of its parent company, Jack’s GastroPub, Inn31. We love beer at Jack’s Gastropub, Inn31 and continue to support the Craft Beer industry in our back yard, province, country and continent.

Brew Microbrewery

Brew Microbrewery BREW is a true microbrewery, and our primary product is Brew Proper Lager, which was created to be flavourful but most importantly smooth. We measure all of our products on a “drinkability” ratio and always welcome taste testers…

Canadian Club Brand Centre

The 1-1/2 hour tour takes visitors back in history to the height of the Hiram Walker family’s success and his personal friendships with the biggest names in history – Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Craft Heads Brewing Company

Craft Heads Brewing Company Beer. Good Beer. Craft Beer. Craft Heads Brewing Company was founded on the principle of delivering bold, over-the-top flavours sourced with local ingredients giving each and every one of our beers a unique personality all their…

Frank Brewing Co.

Frank Brewing Co. Sure, this is a new brewery with all the shiny bells and whistles, but its also a place that’s open and inviting, a place where beer-loving folks can kick back, enjoy a pint or two, grab a bite to eat…

J.P. Wiser’s Brand Centre (Coming Soon)

J.P. Wiser’s Brand Centre (Coming Soon) In the late-1800’s, John Philip Wiser, or J.P. as he was fondly known, set out in Canada at a deliberate and steady pace to build a company that was known for its quality, craftsmanship,…

Lonsbery Farms Brewing Company

Lonsbery Farms Brewing Company With ingredients grown in the fertile lands of Southwestern Ontario, the farm brewery sits on the shores of Lake Erie. Lonsbery beer is crafted with the best ingredients that are locally grown providing a true farm…

Motor Nano Brewery

Motor Nano Brewery To us, the word motor represents movement, evolution. Our family of Motor Craft Ales is modelled in this light. As a unique combination of craftsmanship and technology. Where simplicity meets progress. And the details are everything. Motor is about the commitment…

Sandwich Brewing Company (Coming Soon)

Sandwich Brewing Company (Coming Soon) Our love of old buildings is eclipsed only by our love of exceptional beer. Putting it all on the line to create something special at the confluence of the two. 519.555,1212, Facebook: Sandwich Brewing Co….

Walkerville Brewery

Located in the historic distillery district, Walkerville Brewery is proud to be Windsor’s microbrewery. A place of heritage, community and of course – great hand crafted beer.


333 Riverside Drive West, Suite 103
Windsor, Ontario N9A 7C5
Toll Free: 1.800.265.3633