Serving “Mmmmm!” daily.

Whether you’re a serious “foodie” or just love great food, we’ll satisfy your craving. Because when it comes to amazing culinary experiences, you’ll find that we bring an incredibly diverse and delectable selection to the table. Our menu of options spans virtually every type of cuisine with authentic ethnic flavors ranging from Italian to Indian, Middle Eastern to Mexican, and just about anything else you could possibly be in the mood for.

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Fresher. Tastier. Healthier. Local is always the best pick.

Why buy local? For starters, the freshness and flavour of locally grown fruits and vegetables is second to none. Why eat a tomato that’s travelled for days on a truck? Fully ripened and bursting with flavour, a local tomato can be on your dinner plate the same day it was picked! Plus, local food often has fewer preservatives (essential for food traveling long distances), providing you and your family with a more natural, wholesome product. And we’re not just talking about produce either. Our region offers a bounty of locally produced foods, including eggs, milk, cheese, meat, honey and preserves.  When you buy from local farmers and producers, you also get the highest possible assurance of food safety. Our producers can always answer your questions about how their food was grown and raised, so you know exactly what you’re getting. In addition, by choosing locally sourced foods, it reduces the distance food travels, lessening carbon emissions and helping the environment. When we support local food systems, we ultimately make a positive impact in so many ways – for ourselves, our producers, our economy, and our environment. It really is the best you can pick!


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