Very few shoreline locations are available any more for fishing. It is best to ask the local bait & tackle shop owner/operator where this type of fishing can be had.
Game fish species western basin Lake Erie: steelhead, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, walleye, perch, pike, channel catfish
Game fish species Lake St. Clair: smallmouth bass, walleye, muskie, pike, perch, channel catfish, largemouth bass
Incidental fish species in Lake St. Clair & Lake Erie’s Western Basin: white perch, rock bass, sunfish, bluegill, sturgeon
Recommended Catching Methods
Smallmouth Bass – most effective one with a salted tube jig about 2 ¾” long dragged across bottom in 8’ – 16’ of water while drifting :: other methods include spinner baits, crankbaits, spoons, hook/worm, Carolina rig, etc.
Walleye – most effective in early spring on crankbaits (cast or trolling), weight-forward spinners with worm piece, dragging spinner rig with worm, trolling spoons, hook/jig with minnow or worm all from 6’ to 25’ of water
Muskie – most effective method is trolling large body baits 5” to 10” in length at 3mph up to 6mph with planer boards in shallow water summer or cannon balls in deeper water at times :: can cast when using spot/stalk method with 4” to 8” body baits or spinners
Pike – most effective method is similar to muskie but pike can be caught casting spoons and body baits just as easily
Steelhead – trolling cannon balls with spoons in deeper water mostly 20’ + — other methods used various times of year
Perch – method used most effective is on perch rig (multiple hooks) with minnow or worm – can cast smaller spoons or just use hook/sinker with worm or minnow all in 6” to 16” of water mostly
Largemouth bass – best method is using body baits or spinner baits casting – can use Carolina rig – plastic or salt worm cast to shoreline and retrieved with jerk motion – top water baits with jerk motion – hook/sinker with worm or minnow in right location
Channel catfish – stink baits, large minnow rigs, hook/sinker with large worm bundle, trolling spoons occasionally, mostly in current areas in mid depth water
Bluegill, Rock Bass, Panfish – worm/minnow on hook and bobber – small spoons casting – salted plastics – mostly when water warms in spring through summer

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