Pelee Island Tour

Come to Pelee Island and let us show you around. Learn island history, see the sights, unique points of interest and have some fun as we tour the island. This tour includes a nature hike to the Old Lighthouse. For those of you who are unable to or would prefer not to hike, there is a nice area between Lake Henry and Lake Erie where you can enjoy the Lakes and natural beauty of Pelee Island while the other members of the tour are hiking to the Old Lighthouse.

Your tour guide will greet you at the dock when your boat arrives. Look for the Big Blue Bus. The tour will be one and a half to two hours in length. When the tour has concluded we can bring you to the Pelee Island Artworks, the Pelee Island Wine Pavilion or the West Dock Area where your tour began.

Pelee Island Transportation

Bus transportation available by reservation for persons visiting the island seeking transportation outside of tour times. $5.00 per person minimum 4 persons or pay the equivalent of the minimum if you are less than 4 people.

Bus Charters & Group Tours

Bus Charters are for groups up t0 52 people. The tour includes The Pelee Island Tour, Buffet Lunch (roast beef, chicken, soup & salad, potato or rice, vegetable and dessert), a tour of the Pelee Island Heritage Center   and a visit to the Pelee Island Wine Pavilion for a wine tasting and a chance to purchase some wine on Pelee Island. The use of the bus and the services of the tour guide, cost for the tour is $52.00 per person after HST. Cost for ferry service is not included in this price.

If your group needs a bus or help to plan your visit to Pelee Island or Essex County perhaps we can help. Advanced Booking Required.

Field Trips

As part of our educational services we offer the Pelee Island Field Trip. The trip includes a visit at the Pelee Island Heritage Center, a look and explanation of the Indian Grinding Stone, a lunch break, a narrated tour of the island that will include a drive through Fish Point, a visit with some one from the Pelee Island Bird Observatory, we will be pointing out different plants and wild life we happen across on our journey, a hike to the Old Lighthouse and a stop at the Pheasant Farm. If there is any time remaining we can visit Cone Heads for ice cream. Give us a call and we can help you plan so your trip is enjoyable. Cost for the field trip is $23.00 per person HST included. Ferry service is not included in this price. This trip is a must for all young persons in the area. So many times I here people say I have lived here all my life and have never been to Pelee Island. Recommended for grade 4 and up.

Pelee island, Ontario


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