Windsor Wood Carving Museum

Although new exhibits are on display every nine months at the museum, some have taken up a permanent residence, enchanting visitors year round. The striking presence of Chief Tecumseh carved from a huge black walnut tree has been in the museum since 1999. Other fixtures include the French Connection exhibit, featuring mainly relief carvings, New Millennium, which depicts historical figures from Essex County and Noah’s Ark, a communal project completed by members of the museum.

In addition to offering exciting exhibits to guests, the museum is an excellent resource for carvers. There is a tool shop, (the only one in Canada South of London) a variety of instructive books and magazines for sale, the free expertise of Dick Wood on Wednesdays, as well as the opportunity to visit the workshop of a wood carver with at least thirty years of experience to take classes. For this last opportunity, simply express your interest to Hurst and she will match you up with one of the participating carvers in your area.

Open May 1 – October 31
The Elford United Church at The Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village – 6155 Arner Town Line, County Rd. 23, Kingsville


333 Riverside Drive West, Suite 103
Windsor, Ontario N9A 7C5
Toll Free: 1.800.265.3633