Who says you can't put magic in a bottle?

Sprinkled with cozy bed and breakfasts and tantalizing restaurants, our wine route has much to offer. Create your own tour or partake in a guided one – either way, this is a wine lover’s paradise, a wonderful place to fall in love with wine, the county and the joy that is visiting our spectacular wineries. Take one of our popular wine trail rides and bicycle your way along the enchanting Lake Erie North Shore (LENS), stopping to visit the various wineries and vineyards that make up Essex Pelee Island Coast (EPIC) Wine Country.

Check out the online copy of our Wine Route Map and get ready to explore.

To enhance your visit, we invite you to purchase a Passport to EPIC Wine Country, which contains over $100 in savings and benefits.

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Vivace Estate Winery

Vivace Estate Winery Vivace Estate Winery invites you to experience wine-tasting at its most enjoyable in an atmosphere of casual elegance. Choose from a wide range of new red, rose and white wines as well as a port-style and dessert…

Wagner Orchards & Estate Winery

Wagner Orchards & Estate Winery At Wagner Orchards & Estate Winery, we grow our products and raise our animals in an environmentally-friendly atmosphere. Without the use of hormones, chemicals or antibiotics and a continually reduced use of pesticides, our food…


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