Celebrating Espresso Day with the Coffee Culture in Windsor Essex

For the love of Coffee

Espresso, that bold Italian-style coffee, is the base ingredient to many popular coffee beverages like a café latte or a cappuccino however it is a delight to be sipped and enjoyed on it’s own as well.  Did you know that it requires 42 beans to make one shot of espresso? Well whether brewed long, short or topped with hot water for an Americano, let’s take a moment to toast this complex and delicious beverage as we celebrate National Espresso Day on November 23rd.

From light roasts to bold espressos or even a cold brew, most of us are fuelled by the beautiful brewed elixir better known as coffee.  Here in Windsor Essex we are spoiled with an artisan coffee culture that would rival any big city.  With outstanding coffee and exceptional service you will feel right at home at some of our top quality cafes here in Windsor Essex.  For the less traditional, there are also options for you that go beyond the typical cup of Joe. Try beans locally roasted by Red Lantern Coffee Co., Colonial Coffee and Chance Coffee where they have perfected recipes from all around the Globe including Peru and Columbia.  Your taste buds will thank you when you buy from a local roaster. If you are a fan of cold brew, you are also in luck here in Windsor Essex at 30mL Coffee Co.  This specialty coffee is steeped in room-temperature water for an extended period of time and then the grounds are filtered out, resulting in a smoother and sweeter cup of coffee.

Colonial Coffee Ltd. 

Locally owned and operated Colonial Coffee Co. Ltd. is a coffee roasting facility. For more than 40 years, they have served the food service and vending industries with freshly roasted Arabica whole bean or ground coffees, blended and packaged to the demanding specifications of discerning customers.


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Anchor Coffee House

Now having opened their third location, Anchor Coffee House is a locally owned and operated dream child of two coffee-lovers and foodies. Serving up coffee along made-from-scratch paninis, soups and delicious baked goods, you will certainly not be disappointed with a stop at Anchor.


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Green Bean Coffee

Green Bean Cafe is located steps from the University of Windsor’s main campus and has been serving the community for over 10 years. Along with organic fair-trade coffee, they offer a selection of food and baked goods made fresh in-house every day, striving to create a menu to delight all tastes.


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Red Lantern Coffee House

Red Lantern Coffee Co. is a small batch coffee roaster located in Kingsville which operates with a goal of providing fresh, locally roasted coffee from around the world.  Red Lantern Coffee Co. roasts in small batches to provide fresh coffee and provides their beans to like-minded retailers and various markets.


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Chance Coffee

Inspired by those taking the path less travelled, theses misfits are fuelled by passion & caffeine.  Chance is a micro roaster dedicated to sourcing and roasting the sweetest coffees.


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30mL Coffee Co.

30mL Coffee Co. is a Cold Brew provider and mini “mobile” specialty coffee cart that delivers coffee in its truest form.  Enjoy 30mL Coffee Co. expresso, lattes and more operating out of Craft Head Brewing Company in downtown Windsor or you can find their cold brews inside local cafes, markets, bakeries and cross fit facilities across Windsor Essex.   Keep an eye out for their line of cold brews, including fan favourite Peanut Butter Chocolate flavoured beverage.

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From freshly roasted beans to an espresso topped with a beautiful crema, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy coffee culture here in Windsor Essex.  Explore our Coffee Culture and visit our coffee shops and cafes to indulge in the aromas and flavours that make Windsor Essex coffee so special!

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