Grape Lakes Farm & Vineyard Al Fresco Dinner Parties

Thursday, May 30

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We are so exciting to welcome you to our farm & vineyard for an intimate and memorable Al Fresco dining experience. Surrounded by vineyard country elegance and our veggie garden dotted with flowers, we hope you’ll be transported to a place where time slows down. Come a little early to enjoy the scenery with a walk amidst the romantic vineyard, garden settings or lush woodland and corn fields to the Back 40 Secret Garden.
It’s a joy for me to walk through our garden and harvest some gorgeous farm fresh veggies for your dinner. We use no pesticides and wonderful heritage, NON-GMO seeds. We source local proteins as much as possible from our local farmers who naturally and responsibly raise meats with no hormones or antibiotics. Another motto around Grape Lakes is the less processed the better. Always on the lookout on how I can make something myself instead of buying it. Spice blends from the herbs in our garden, clamato juice and one of my favorites is my homemade vegetable broth…I use it in everything!
Growing up on an 100 acre dairy farm outside of Fisherville, our family hosted many large annual gatherings from barn dances to wiener roasts that hold such special memories for me. We would love to for you to be our guest for a special dining experience on our piece of paradise.

Venue: Grape Lakes Farm and Vineyard

710 Seacliff Dr
Kingsville, ON N9Y 2K8 Canada