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Stop Kiss

Thursday, May 24 to Saturday, May 26

Cost: $20
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When does a first kiss transform your life? When it is the first drop in a thunderstorm that leaves you questioning who you love, why you love, how you love. When it’s the culmination of tentative steps and bold strides toward self-understanding. Maybe a first kiss always has the power to transform your life — sometimes in ways so small you can’t even see them. Diana Son’s STOP KISS is a story of identity, acceptance, friendship, inner peace, and love in extraordinarily normal circumstances. But it is, most of all, the story of two good people and the good people surrounding them, as they finally learn to connect.

Shadowbox Theatre – 1501 Howard Ave. Unit 103B, Windsor

Venue: Shadowbox Theatre

1501 Howard Ave. Unit 103B
Windsor, ON Canada