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The Valkyrie

Saturday, June 2 to Sunday, June 3

Cost: $20
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Sat 7 pm, Sun 2:30 pm

In Norse Mythology, the Valkyrie are a group of mythical female warriors sent by the god, Odin, to collect the slain on the battlefield for the afterlife. In a moment of compassion, young Valkyrie Brunhilde saves a mortal’s soul and is cursed for disobeying Odin. She descends into a whirlwind of love, deception, and loss in this epic tale inspired by the Norse Saga.

Come and enjoy this epic battle of 40 local youth dancers (ages 13-28) executing various styles of dance and combat with vibrant costumes, brilliant lights and sets.

Venue: The Capitol Theatre

121 University Ave
Windsor, ON Canada

Phone: 519.973.1238