Experience: Pelee Island GooseChase Self-Guided Tour

Pelee Island’s custom self-guided GooseChase is the perfect way to having fun while seeing and learning about Pelee. The best part is that by completing all of the missions, you win a voucher from a local business! The self-guided Goose Chases combine the best features of scavenger hunts, self-guided tours, research, and adventure all thanks to our friends at Goosechase App. Unique missions are uploaded with major points of interest throughout Pelee Island for your preferred tourist area of the island or your perfect themed holiday island adventure! Renting a golf cart, a comfortable E-Bike, or having your own personal vehicle will ensure you reach all of the mission locations while remaining safe and socially distant with your team.

The Virtual Pelee Island GooseChase can be completed from the comfort of your home!

For more information on the Pelee Island GooseChase, click here


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