Experience: Tsunami Glassworks

Hot Glass is Cool!

Have you ever wanted to play with fire? Hot glass is one of the most thrilling, beautiful and captivating materials to play with; when you work it hot it becomes alive, it moves almost like a dance. The colours come to life with the heat of the furnace and the clarity of the material shines in a way only hand blown glass does. The crew at Tsunami Glassworks want to share this amazing experience with you!

On special occasion, and only a few months a year, we open up our glassblowing production facility inviting the public to come in and have a hand in crafting a beautiful piece of glass; paperweight, ornament, or drinking glass. Our instructors assist you in every step and our workshops are meant for beginners and enthusiasts of all ages. Classes begin late fall and run throughout the winter and are one to two hours long.

Come in and see why we fell in love with hand blown glass!

Due to temperatures, classes are only offered in during cooler weather periods. Contact Tsunami Glassworks for more details and class schedules.