Get Outside & Play Bingo!

The below blog was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is designed to be used as inspiration for a future trip to Windsor Essex. Due to current circumstances, some of the locations listed in the blog may currently not be open, or may not be offering full services at this time.

Please contact any business prior to planning a visit.

Have you played our “I Spy” and “#YQGStandsStrong” Bingo cards? Are you looking for another card for your family to Get Outside & Play? Well you are in luck! We’ve put together a third bingo card for you and your family to jump off the couch and back away from the screens to get outside and have some fun.  Our bingo cards are a great way for you and your family to open your eyes to search out the awesome things we have in Windsor Essex while still maintaining physical distancing.

This Get Outside & Play bingo is the third card a set of #YQGStandsStrong Bingo that are available for download now!  No printer? No problem! Just take a picture or snap a screen shot to your phone and next time you decide to go for a drive or on your daily after dinner stroll, keep your eyes peeled for some of the items below.

There is no limit to the area you need to be in so if you are feeling like a drive to see a few sights, hop in the car while the gas is cheap! There are also no time limits so search for a few on your walks each day and see who can spot enough items to fill a line, a T or even the whole card!

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We do stress the importance to always maintaining 2m of space and abide by other social distancing measures while you play along.

B: is for Items Beginning with B

BOat, canoe or kayak

Always up for some on the water activities? We are so lucky to have some great lakeside spots to get into your canoe or kayak or on to your stand-up paddleboard like River Canard Canoe Co., Oxley Surf or Urban Surf Co. Those that aren’t boat owners can always rent a vessel at places like Pelee Wings Nature Store. Keep your eyes peeled for boats – large or small! Spot a canoe? Eye a kayak? All of these capture this square!

I: is for Independent Businesses

Butcher shop

These sunny days are perfect for BBQ’ing and luckily we have some great neighbourhood butcher shops and grocers who make sure our tables and bellies are full! Spot The Butcher of Kingsville, Bradt’s Butcher Block or Ted Farron’s or your neighbourhood favourite to mark this square!

Pizza parlour

Windsor Essex is well-known for our delicious pizza and luckily every neighbourhood has at least one or two beloved places to grab a ‘za.  Mark this square when you lay your eyes on your favourite pizza parlour – will it be Armando’s Pizza Bar, Oven 360, Antonino’s , Arcata or Capri? There are too many great ones to name here so we are sure you are going to have no trouble at all marking off this spot on the card!

N: is for Neighbourhood Items

Flower Garden

Kings Navy Yard Park, Lakeside Park, Coventry Gardens or Dieppe Gardens are just a few of the beautiful parks with flowers in bloom that we are lucky to have here in Windsor Essex.   Can you spot your favourite flower or colour amongst all the new blooms? A keen eye for pretty parks will make sure this square is checked off your card!

G: is for Great Finds

Something that starts with “g”

Almost as fun as a free space – here is a chance to use your imagination! What can you think of that starts with the letter G to mark this square? Have you spotted a golf course or perhaps the Ganatchio Trail? Do you have a keen eye for birds and have spotted a Green Heron in the sky? What about GL Heritage Brewing Co. or the  Green Bean Cafe? You never know what you may see!

O: is for Outdoor Adventures


If you missed it on the first card, here is another chance to spot one of our gorgeous green spaces here in Windsor Essex!  Runners and rollerbladers are fans of the Ganatchio, while others explore along the Herb Gray Parkway or take in some green space along the Lasalle Trails or the Chrysler Canada Greenway.  Make sure to mark down our local cycling trails to be on your to-do list for the summer.

It is the perfect time to bring back those leisurely afternoon family drives of past (especially now that gas prices are so low) and see what you can find on our scavenger hunt of sorts.  Our list of items can be found in each of our municipalities and neighbourhoods, but feel free to explore wherever your wheels or legs will take you.


Remember to always keep an appropriate amount of space if you are walking through your neighbourhood, and stay in your car if you are out taking a drive.  There is so much to see and discover right in your own back yard.   Who knows – maybe you’ll find new things to add to your list of things to explore in the future!


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