Summer brings about memories of ice cream cones on a hot day and warm nights with bonfires by the lake.  The season may not officially start until June 21st but as usual, in Windsor Essex we are ahead of the curve.  There are plenty of things for you to experience by yourself or with family and friends all before summer even starts!! Check out each of these awesome, kick-off to summer events below for full details on where to go, what to bring and start your summer off early.

As you can see, there is no shortage of fun scheduled for Windsor Essex Pelee Island over the next few months! Make sure to sign up for our digital newsletter, download our Online Event Card or bookmark our detailed Event Listings page to stay on top of all events, festivals and going-on’s in Windsor Essex Pelee Island this summer!


June is Tourism Month! This is a great opportunity to showcase all that our region has to offer visitors and residents alike.  Our four week celebration will highlight Ontario Food Week, Ontario Craft Beer Week and Ontario Wine Week with unique Pop Up’s featuring tourism hotspots, businesses and destinations across Windsor Essex and Pelee Island.

Join us at the Pelee Island In The City Pop Up on Wednesday May 29th in Ford City to learn more about island life, including a free show from Huttch, wine & beer tastings and more! Click here for all the details and visit our Tourism Month page for a listing of all the celebrations.