30 mL Coffee Co.

30 mL Coffee Co. is a mini specialty coffee shop that delivers coffee in its truest form. Inspired by an individual who lived in and admired the coffee culture of Melbourne Australia – the biggest coffee capital of the world! Our beans are sourced through professional specialty coffee roasters who have had 10+ years of experience in cafes across Melbourne. Each morning espresso shots are tested and measured to ensure quality and consistency. Beans are freshly ground on demand with every cup served to ensure the coffee is extracted at its optimum flavor profile. We have developed a strong relationship with our specialty coffee roasters, De Mello Palheta. Over the past four years they have achieved ‘Best Cup of North Toronto’ for their high-quality coffee and are the only roasters in Canada that work closely with 90+ ranked beans. Many world champion competitors have tested and approved of their coffee and use them during National and World competitions.

Cold Brew Process – Freshly ground beans are steeped in filtered water for 48-72 hours. Cold water brewing extracts the delicious flavor compounds from the coffee beans. As time replaces heat the steeping process leaves behind myriad bitter oils and biting fatty acids (which result from hot water extraction), leaving you with a smooth, balanced and less acidic tasting beverage.

You can find our cold brews at certain markets, bakeries and cross fit facilities across Windsor Essex.

Address: 5410 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON, N8S 1L9
Telephone: (519) 982-0066

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