Black History Month

Make sure you plan some time to attend the exciting and educational Black History Month 2020 Events happening this February throughout the Windsor Essex region.

Click here to explore our Black History Guide for February 2020.

Your Black History Journey Begins…

Learn about the terminus of the Underground Railroad – right here in Windsor Essex, Ontario. The Underground Railroad was not a railroad nor was it underground. It was the name of the network of people who hid and guided slaves and refugees as they followed the North Star to Canada – to freedom!

The Amherstburg Freedom Museum presents exhibits of artifacts which tell the story of African Canadians, their journey to freedom and their contributions to society. Located in the historic town of Amherstburg, here you will also enjoy the national historic site, Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church, built during the days of the Underground Railroad and the Taylor Log Cabin, a building that early black families inhabited, which also provides a unique representation of the conditions of the time.

Arrange for an intensely emotional tour at the Sandwich First Baptist Church, the oldest black church in Windsor’s historic Sandwich Towne. The Church served as a haven for refugee slaves who were fleeing slavery mainly from the southern United States. For hundreds of fugitive slaves who crossed the Detroit River into Windsor, Sandwich First Baptist Church was their first stop. A hole on either side of the floor in the Sanctuary still exists, which allowed those who were being sought after by bounty hunters to escape. The Church, which was built first as a log cabin in 1820, was rebuilt by free and fugitive slaves in 1841.

Your journey continues with black historical sites in neighbouring Chatham-Kent – Buxton National Historic Site & Museum and Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site.


Read A Black Foodie Tour in Southwest Ontario to see how Eden, The Black Foodie, spent her time exploring Black History in Southwestern Ontario.


Windsor Essex is steeped in historical significance – from the War of 1812 to the Underground Railroad, and from Prohibition to the “birthplace of the Canadian automobile”.


Step back into the days of Prohibition in the historic distillery district of Old Walkerville. Here, you can experience a tour of the J.P. Wiser’s Distillery Experience, the Walkerville Brewery, Willistead Manor & more. For even more immersion, take The Rum Runners Tour where you will go back in time to the Roaring Twenties as costumed actors tell the story of prohibition and Windsor’s connection to gangsters like Al Capone and the Purple Gang.

“Unwined” Further

Continue your journey into our EPIC Wine Country and “unwined” further. Take Walker Road south to one of our 16+ wineries along Lake Erie North Shore for a tasting. Experience both large vineyard estates and artisanal offerings. Get the most out of your visit to Wine Country by taking advantage of the EPIC Wine Tasting Pass .


Windsor Essex is also home to Canada’s largest and most luxurious casino resorts, Caesars Windsor. Great concert performances await you during the month inside The Colosseum.


While on your journey, indulge your “locavore” instincts and sample the eclectic cuisine in Windsor Essex.


After a visit to Sandwich First Baptist Church, continue to explore Olde Sandwich Towne, the oldest continually inhabited settlement in Canada west of Montreal. You’ll find plenty of indulgent pub fare at places like Rock Bottom Bar & Grill and The Barrel House.

And while in the historic distillery district of Old Walkerville, be sure to drop by The Twisted Apron or F&B Walkerville (pictured). Not far away is another well known cultural district, Windsor’s Little Italy, along Erie Street. A plethora of option, coupled with authentic Italian cuisine awaits you here. Also found along Erie Street are hidden culinary gems like Motor Burger Bar and Tiki Sushi.

Or step outside Caesars Windsor to embark on a urban dining adventure in the Downtown Windsor core. Satiate your taste buds at Mazaar or Fourteen Restaurant & Skylounge.

While in downtown Amherstburg, explore dining options along Dalhousie Street, the primary street where most restaurants are anchored. Places like The Artisan GrillBeacon Ale House and The Salty Dog are sure to impress.


Looking to stay a night or two?

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