This species is the rarest sparrow species in Ontario. With as few a 2-3 nesting pairs left in the province, this is an extremely rare migrant in Essex County. Point Pelee National Park is the best place to try and find this bird.  In mid-late April and early May, check out the restored savannah sites in the park for this secretive sparrow.  They often scurry along the ground like a mouse and their olive green plumage helps them to blend into the early spring vegetation.

An uncommon and famously inconspicuous bird, the Henslow’s Sparrow breeds in weedy grasslands of the east-central United States. Its population numbers have declined steadily over the past few decades, largely because of habitat loss.

Adult Description
Small songbird.
Mostly brownish, with sparsely streaked breast.
Large head.
Short tail.

Immature Description
Juvenile similar to adult, but with more indistinct markings on head and without streaking across chest.

*Image and description were sourced from: allaboutbirds.org

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