A striking small bird of eastern hardwood forests, the Hooded Warbler prefers forests with some shrub understory. A favourite warbler amongst many birders, Point Pelee National Park is a sure bet to find this species, most often in the first week in May.  Look for this bird in the lower levels of the forest or on the forest floor.  They habitually flick their tails open and shut, showing off their white tails spots – a behaviour that is easily glimpsed with the limited vegetation at this time of the year.  They are often found at this time of year in other wooded areas in the county, including Ojibway Park, Kopegaren Woods, Wheatley Provincial Park, amongst others.

Adult Description
Small songbird.
Entirely yellow.
Back olive green.
Face yellow.
Male with black hood and bib.
Large white spots in tail.

Immature Description
Immature like adult, but with less black.

*Image and description were sourced from: allaboutbirds.org

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