Until you’ve had Windsor style pizza, you’ve never really been to Windsor Essex. Our area is loaded with pizzerias with a rich Italian heritage. Our fresh sauce, locally-made cheese, various authentic varieties, and a family-friendly environment make eating Windsor style pizza a unique experience for visitors and locals alike.

For a lot of our restaurants, the owners are Italian families with recipes which have been passed on for generations. Starting with Geno Manza’s Volcano Pizza in 1957, Italians with a strong passion for cooking began to start their own pizza restaurants, and in turn, established part of the city’s cultural tapestry! Locations such as Arcata, Riviera, and Franco’s are family businesses that have spanned decades! The food is appetizing, and the story is inspiring.

Windsor Essex pizza is widely known for being distinctive. Flavourful crust, shredded pepperoni, canned mushrooms, and mozzarella produced by Windsor’s very own Galati Cheese is what makes Windsor pizza incredibly unique. Some of our pizzerias, including Armando’s, Antonino’s, and Naples have followed these steps which brought out unbelievably tasty results!

Enjoy the ambience, heritage, quality, authenticity and hospitality, that make our pizza part of a sensory experience which is meant to be had amongst family and friends.

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