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Until you’ve had Windsor style pizza, you’ve never really been to Windsor Essex. Our area is loaded with pizzerias with a rich Italian heritage. Our fresh sauce, locally-made cheese, various authentic varieties, and a family-friendly environment make eating Windsor style pizza a unique experience for visitors and locals alike.

People can be fiercely proud of their local nosh. Pizza is Windsorites’ culinary claim to fame, and homegrown brands — Antonino’s, Arcata, Armando’s, Capri, Franco’s, Naples, Riverside, Riviera, Sarducci’s — dominate the landscape, serving up pies with a local twist.

National chains simply can’t compete with the independents.

Locally sourced vegetables, meats, and cheeses, she says, are key. But fresh ingredients are only part of the story. The Windsor crust is thick and chewy; the sauce is distinctively thick, with a spice blend that puts oregano at the forefront.

But then there are the toppings.

Peppers are ubiquitous in both cities, but Windsor is possibly unique in its preference for canned — not fresh — mushrooms, which don’t burn. However, “the biggest thing that sets it apart is the pepperoni and crispy on the top of the pie.

If you want to order a Windsor pizza, your options will likely include the Super, featuring pepperoni, green peppers, bacon, and canned mushrooms.

As for size, round pizzas come in Baby, Small, Medium, and Large. If you want something more, ask for the Queen or King – and it’s square!

For a lot of our restaurants, the owners are Italian families with recipes which have been passed on for generations. Starting with Geno Manza’s Volcano Pizza in 1957, Italians with a strong passion for cooking began to start their own pizza restaurants, and in turn, established part of the city’s cultural tapestry! Locations such as Arcata, Riviera, and Franco’s are family businesses that have spanned decades! The food is appetizing, and the story is inspiring.

The true origin of Windsor pizza is as buried as the crust beneath its toppings. Of course, it’s not necessary to know where something comes from to appreciate it. It suffices to know that it’s delicious.

Enjoy the ambiance, heritage, quality, authenticity and hospitality, that make our pizza part of a sensory experience which is meant to be had among family and friends.

For more information on pizza offerings in Windsor Essex click here.


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