Wine Pairings for your Easter “Peeps”

From Good Friday Fish & Chips to Roast Lamb or Baked Ham on Easter Sunday, with Brunch and a basket full of sweet treats in between, let us guide you towards the perfect pairings for your holiday meal planning.

North 42 degrees Estate winery

Sparkling Sauvignon  Blanc

For those serving fish on Good Friday, try to match its intensity of flavour with your wine.  Serve chilled, dry white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc to pair delightfully with mild white fish such as tilapia or halibut while sweeter, sparkling wines should be paired with a salty fish dish such as the traditional fried fish & chips made with local perch.


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Brunch staple, Eggs Benedict goes best with the world’s most versatile pairing wines such as Chardonnay, Riesling and Rosés. The crisp and balanced nature of a cool bottle of Chardonnay enhances the creamy and silky texture of this delicious dish.


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Pinot noir

If you’ve never had rabbit, imagine the best dark-meat chicken you’ve ever tasted, barely gamy and a teensy bit sweet. Since it’s a mild-tasting and lean meat, a light-bodied wine that wouldn’t overpower it, such as a delicate Pinot Noir compliments this classic dish.


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In addition to numerous tasty side dishes, there are many great wines that pair perfectly with this extra-savory meat. Roasted Ham, with its sweet-and-salty richness, pairs best with wines that have a touch of sweetness, plenty of acidity and bold fruit. Favorites include white wines like an off-dry Riesling.


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In general, lamb is a very wine-friendly food and works best with a smooth, powerful, full-bodied red wine.  Served either roasted or grilled, a classic match to Lamb would be a Cabernet Merlot which runs aplenty here in Essex County. Just ensure to steer clear of the classic mint sauce with lamb—the vinegar in the sauce will spoil the taste of the wine!


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lily sparkling rose

What could be classier than a pairing of local bubbly and bright-hued peeps? The answer is nothing – the sparkling wine pairs well with the mild taste and airy texture of the marshmallow. Plus, sparkling wine is a totally acceptable brunch beverage so makes it the perfect companion to consume the treat-filled Easter basket before lunch!


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