World Whiskey Day

World Whiskey Day reminds us that there is an incredibly broad range of whisky out there to try and whether served neat, on the rocks or mixed as a cocktail there are endless ways to enjoy a dram of this golden nectar.

Celebrated on the third Saturday of May each year in order to make this spirit fun and enjoyable to all, it is likely that you will need more than just one day to sample every kind available! World Whiskey Day is a great opportunity for you to try something new, expand your palette, and share experiences with your friends (or your favourite local bartender).

Translating to “water of life”, whisky is the foundation of some of the most wonderful drinks known to man.  Canadian whisky is set apart not only by the way it’s spelled (sans the ‘e’), but it is also known for its lighter flavor and color than its American counterparts.  If you need an excuse to try something new or if you are looking for a cocktail of choice, read below for 5 ways to enjoy whisky any day!

Apple Berry Mule

Wolfhead Distillery 

Muddle fresh blueberries and lime, then add 2oz of Wolfhead Apple Caramel Whisky.  Fill with ice and top with Vernor’s Soda for that ginger twist!

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Rye & Ginger

Corby Spirits 

Save on the glass washing by taking a swig of your favourite ginger-ale and topping with a mini of Lot 40.  Garnish with straw and fresh lemons & limes to complete.


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The York

F&B Walkerville

Crafted with Gooderham and Worts 4 grain whisky, Amaro Montenegro, cracked pepper syrup, allspice bitters and garnished with a candied lemon pepper wheel.


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Old Fashioned

J.P. Wisers Distillery

Finally a simple way to craft the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail!  Simply pour over ice, stir, and garnish with an orange peel!


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Fake News

Blind Owl

This signature cocktail may start out tart but has a lovely orange blossom finish. Crafted with Lot40 Rye Whisky, Cynar Amaro, fresh lemon, fresh orange and an unique liquid orange blossom extract.


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Explore your own inner mixologist and create a whisky centered cocktail for yourself, or extend the enjoyment of World Whiskey Day by visiting our local distillers and exploring our Barrels, Bottles and Brews trail.   There definitely is something for every palate and once you find your favourite, it will have you marking that third Saturday of May in next year’s calendar.