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Health and Wellness Business Opportunities and Trends for Entrepreneurs

In addition to wellness being one of the world’s biggest and fast-growing markets, the latest developments in technology and a series of economic and societal events has opened the door to new possibilities for innovation.

Health & Wellness Trend 1: Workout Apps and Content

Fitness as a whole has undergone a digital transformation in the past decade, increasing both the affordability of and access to exercise programs and trainers. Whether it’s a boutique fitness studio offering an app for consumers to use to exercise on the go, or streaming services like Netflix offering more individual and group fitness classes for viewing at home, technology has cracked open wide a new opportunity in the health and wellness market. Patrons no longer need an expensive membership to a gym with strict class schedules that might not fit a consumer’s lifestyle. Smartphones, streaming services, and wearable fitness technology put workout apps just a click (or tap) away in the hands of consumers. Today’s workout apps with personalized training recommendations and supportive fitness communities also offer a unique sense of inclusivity and encouragement to customers.

  • Target a niche market within the fitness universe.
  • Work with an app developer.
  • Get listed in an app store.
  • Support and maintain.
  • Grow your audience.

Health & Wellness Trend 2: Plant-based Eating

While the number of Americans who adhere to vegetarian and vegan diets remains relatively low, between 3 and 5% according to a 2018 Gallup poll, the number of people interested in “plant-based” eating has skyrocketed in recent years. Turning your commitment to plant-based eating into informative and engaging articles, posts, videos, and reviews may work well as a side hustle or even become a full-time gig if you have the time and energy to make it truly successful. Keep these helpful tips in mind and check out Neil Patel’s step-by-step blog strategy guide to get started:

  • Take note
  • Target your niche
  • Research
  • Handle logistics

Health & Wellness Trend 3: Premium Supplements

The worldwide shift towards healthier living has revealed that supplements continue to be a pillar of wellness-based lifestyles. Selling health and wellness supplements may provide entrepreneurs with a strong avenue for generating wealth, as well as a unique path to promoting healthy lifestyles that benefit their consumer base in the long-term.

Health & Wellness Trend 4: CBD & Legalized Marijuana

Few health and wellness products can claim the storied and rocky history of legalized marijuana. For a long time, the idea of starting a business in an industry continuously challenged by legal hurdles and widespread unpopularity seemed crazy.

Not only are CBD products available through legal pharmaceuticals and licensed dispensaries, but general market retail has also embraced the cannabidiol train with everything from edible oils to gummies, coffees, lotions, chocolates, soaps, and more. Even seemingly unrelated businesses like coffee shops, pet stores, and beauty stores are leveraging CBD popularity to improve sales and take advantage of the vast health & wellness business opportunities within this market sector.

Health & Wellness Trend 5: ‘Boutique’ Fitness Businesses

Note that businesses with “physical” studios or spaces are adjusting their business models to account for social distancing considerations, such as virtual sessions, outdoor activities, revised indoor infrastructure, health verifications, reduced class sizes, contactless check-ins, and other safety measures as governed by the CDC.

Consumer-facing industries, like fitness studios, have seen demand shift significantly in the past decade. Clients no longer want results no matter what. Now, they desire experiences that elevate the idea of exercise and working out.

Boutique fitness studios play an important role in what is known as the “experiential economy,” where experiences are considered as much of an economic offering as goods, services, or commodities. Group fitness opens the door to community experiences you might not get at a large, commercial gym or working out solo. 5 Tips for Starting a Boutique Community Fitness Business

• Carefully build your team
• Treat customers like VIPS
• Focus your brand message
• Create a community
• Build your brand.
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