The #YQGStandsStrong Video Series is a profile on local businesses – and how they pivoted their operations during the height of the pandemic to stay successful.

Check out the video below profiling WindsorEats, as well as a take away moment that you may be able to adapt to your business operations moving forward.

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Tips for Partnering With Other Local Businesses

In the wild world of entrepreneurship, it’s easy to get caught up in the chase of customers and dollars. Fortunately, you can get shoppers in the door by partnering with other local businesses. Perhaps now more than ever, strategic partnerships are the key to bringing communities together. In large part due to the coronavirus pandemic, small businesses came into the spotlight as people began to see just how vital they are to cities and neighbourhoods.

Consumers want to buy from locally owned businesses instead of retailers because they want to keep dollars local. Below are some tips to start those partnerships

Research Partnerships Ahead of Time

Think about your products and services. What do you offer? What’s missing? What will benefit your customers? Make a list of the types of local businesses you’d like to work with, and then write down why you’re interested in partnering up. Start thinking about businesses you already have a relationship with, big or small. Who can you call to discuss partnerships? How will you pitch owners to get on board? Come to the table prepared.

Chooses Businesses That Complement Yours

Offer Incentives

Reward your customers for branching out and working with new local businesses. By offering incentives, you’re giving your customers an avenue to act (i.e., shop somewhere new, secure services, etc.). Your partner has the solution, your customers just need to be told where to find it.

Partner With More Than One Business

Consider creating a group package that includes services from a variety of industries. Some customers prefer the ease of one-stop shopping. Minimize “the hunt” by providing packages and options from a range of companies to suit your customers’ needs.

Look Into Seasonal Partnerships 

Take note of trends, create bundles or gift baskets, and work with local businesses to promote attractive holiday solutions. In our fast-paced society, there are plenty of shoppers looking for quick gifts that still have meaning.

Get It In Writing

Any business partnership, regardless of what is being promised, should be in writing. This protects all parties involved. Agree in advance how you will promote each other, the beginning and end date of the partnership, and what both parties will contribute.

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