Thousands of visitors travel to Windsor-Essex annually to see the variety of birds that flock to our area. We are one of North America’s premier bird-watching hotspots. Home to Point Pelee National Park, Holiday Beach, Hillman Marsh Conservation Areas, and Ojibway Park, and neighbouring Chatham-Kent’s, Rondeau Provincial Park, Wheatley Provincial Park, St. Clair National Wildlife Area and Blenheim Lagoons. The unique geographical properties of the Windsor-Essex area act as a funnel for the hundreds of thousands of migratory birds on the move each spring — and equally as remarkable — the fall. Our conservation areas provide important resting areas as these birds make their long journeys, and they offer year-round habitat for non-migratory birds. Conservation areas are equipped with convenient parking areas and pleasant trails and good viewing areas, and some have viewing towers to experience the pleasure of birding. Early songbird migration starts in early March with the return of waterfowl, and shorebirds follow in April. Within weeks, full migration occurs with the arrival of numerous colourful species with most migrations festivals and events taking place in May.



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Some of the noteable birding events are: