If you have trouble kicking off your day without coffee, Windsor Essex has a cup of perfection waiting for you! From cold brew to roast, Windsor Essex is filled with creative and flavourful coffee recipes to get you energized in the morning. Take a stroll through our Coffee Trail and indulge in the aromas and flavours that make Windsor Essex coffee so special!

Whether you’re looking for a latte, flat white, or Americano, our cafes have you covered. By providing outstanding coffee and service, you will feel right at home at some of our top-quality cafes here in Windsor Essex. Ciao Caffe, Green Bean Cafe, Old School Deli & Cafe and Taloola Cafe make your favourite cup of coffee more refreshing and tasteful!

If you’re a little less traditional and want to try coffee prepared in a new way, we definitely have options for you! Red Lantern Coffee Co, Colonial Coffee and Chance Coffee are roasting their beans locally, and have perfected recipes from around the globe including from Peru and Colombia. The varieties you get when you buy from a local roaster are unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted – make a stop today!

Looking for something different?  Check out Anchor Coffee.  A locally owned and operated cafe with three locations featuring baked goods, full espresso bar, breakfast and lunch options all made from scratch in house daily.

Cold brew coffee is also becoming increasingly popular here in Windsor Essex! This specialty coffee is steeped in room-temperature water for an extended period of time and the grounds are filtered out. The result is a smoother and sweeter cup of coffee! Try some of our famous cold brew at 30mL Coffee Co

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