Windsor is the newest hipster destination thanks to outdoor galleries taking over the city. World-renowned artists have come to transform bare walls into lively murals. Visitors from around the world are coming to see the creations made by these big-name artists.

Artists like Daniel Bombarbier, or otherwise known as Denial, have famous artwork around the world. Denial has contributed to our street art scene greatly, encouraging other artists to make over and beautify our city as well. Windsor is now seen as an energetic city with hidden gems throughout the entire region. Walls and alleyways are no longer areas of avoidance but now offerings of admiration for Windsorites and visitors.

Where exactly is our art? It is all over our region! Downtown Windsor would be a great place to start touring our murals with Artist Alley. This public project is dedicated to turning downtown alleys into outdoor galleries. You can move along the Windsor Sculpture Park along the riverfront. This sculpture garden is worth millions and has changed the Windsor waterfront.

As you’re moving West, you will get to Olde Sandwich Towne. There are many historic murals telling the story of the War of 1812, the Underground Railroad, and historic leaders in the African-Canadian community. The same distance from Artist Alley, only east, is Walkerville and Ford City. Here you can find more expressions of art and learn more about our automotive history. A little bit further east is Olde Riverside with five prominent murals. If you head south toward Wine Country, you will see even more murals and painted Bell boxes in Essex.

Overall the region is covered in a variety of scenic and meaningful paintings. We promise you will love the wild colours and styles that catch your eye. Our murals not only revive our region but also serve as perfect photo opportunities, whether you’re taking a selfie or a group picture!

To learn more about our galleries without walls and what you can discover please click here.