The Pike fish, also known as the Northern Pike or Jackfish, have very large, elongated bodies, dark green to brown body with light, yellowish or white spots, a dark back that fades to creamy white belly with tips of tail fin more rounded than muskellunge (muskie). They can grow anywhere between 45 cm – 75 cm, and weigh around 0.9 – 4.3 kilograms. The Ontario record for biggest Pike is 19.1 kilograms. 

These fish are aggressive feeders, and can be caught year round. They like to live in vegetated bays, creek mouths, and shoals of lakes; a good spot for them to ambush prey. They like to find deep water in the summer to avoid the higher water temperatures, minus the northern areas.

The Pike fish are widely distributed throughout most of the province. While they are not historically found in parts of central Ontario, they are gradually expanding into these areas.